Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal 2015The famous fashion desinger of Pakistan Tabassum Mughal found herself in a hot water after serious allegations of beating client. There are thousands of web users who are reacting on this viral news which has gone through the web on Sunday. (Scroll down for video)

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal9

Tabassum Mughal — is one of those fashion designers in the Pakistani fashion industry who have made a big name in the very short time period — is facing a huge disaster of criticism — especially from Facebook users who are reacting on this shocking celebrity scandal — the same reaction was seen at Shahzeb murder case in Karachi.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal11

She is considered as an artist of designs who know how to play with the colors without looking awkward. She has special command over the color contrast and in creating sober designs.

A soon-to-be bride’s cousin and friend wrote a post on the social media website which has now been covered by several media outlets and famous fashion blogs.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

According to the reports, Tabassum Mughal herself came out of the room and said (not exact words) ‘Ab tum lay kar dekhao apnay kaprey aur paisay’ and ‘Maaro iss Rickshaw wali aurat ko’.

Bride-to-be herself and she said via Facebook page that she and her family are being threatened by Tabassum’s managers and agents to “clarify” that Tabassum wasn’t at fault.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

“Finally today my cousin’s mother went to pick up the dresses because today was the delivery date. They refused to give the dresses to her. Her mother (my chachi) got furious and started yelling and demanded to call Tabassum. Upon this shouting, Tabassum and her manager appeared and Tabassum instructed her manager to beat the woman up,” the post read, quoted by Express Tribune.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

“In short, four men and Tabassum kicked, punched and slapped my chachi and threw her out of the house saying that ‘people who travel in rickshaws don’t deserve to shop at Tabassum Mughal’”, it added.

“The measurements were haywire and the colours and kaam were hideous. My cousin got really mad and told off the girls and the manager there. Tabassum, meanwhile had disappeared and didn’t come in contact at all, even though my cousin demanded to speak to her because she had taken the order,” the post further read.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

They further alleged that this was not the first time the designer misbehaved with them. “Countless times, the designer’s manager misbehaved, only verbally, and said that no such brief was given but still they’d make changes.”

“This woman is heavily bruised and bleeding in places. I’m appalled by the behaviour of Tabassum Mughal. Extremely disappointed. The dresses that cost Rs0.85 million, have cost a woman her respect.”

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal 2015

Bring Tabassum Mughal to Justice:

There is also a Facebook page named “Bring Tabassum Mughal to Justice” which is getting support by many web users. According to the page info, its written in the ‘About’, “Let’s get this snob to face the music. People who target the defenseless don’t deserve even an iota of respect in our country. ” You can see below the photo taken from page.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

Tabassum Mughal is really popular as a household brand in the fashion industry. She has launched her brand after her name in the fashion industry in 2010 and after her first collection launched to the market she become very known in the fashion industry.

Her dresses are not only beautiful but extremely close to the taste of the women who like to be looked stylish and elegant. She has a special name among the ladies who are modern independent. She has a studio in Karachi that is working like a fashion house not only for the costumer but also for the new comer in the fashion industry.

Tabassum Mughal Scandal (VIDEO)

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