Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana: Its Copy Paste

Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana Its Copy PasteAnd the best copy-paste designing award goes to .. Karachi based fashion designer Tabassum Mughal. As of late, wherever we see, we find “who wore it best”, so I thought why not start a “who stole it best” in order to call out designers committing design heist. First of all, let’s give Tabassum Mughal Haute Couture a huge round of applause for her achievements in the fashion scene, and for the launch of her upcoming 2015 lawn collection.

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

Her team has yet to release photos of her upcoming lawn collection, but looking at the only photo of her lawn collection has left me… should I put it……scratching my head you could say…..? We can’t see much else by looking at the model folded over a piano trying to give Beethoven a run for his money!

Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana Its Copy Paste

However, do we not get a feeling of dejavu while looking at it? What could it possibly be….? Hmmm….let me think hard a bit….. Ohhhh wait a minute…let me guess: Is it not the exact copy of one of Dolce & Gabbana’ short dresses from their last collection???

Hell yeah it is! Not only this time, but looks like her hands were in the cookie jar last time around as well when she copied French fashion house, Balmain’s, famous rose jacket design. Only change, Tabassum Mughal flipped it in the back! By the way she is not the only designer guilty of this crime!

Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana Its Copy Paste

So let’s dissect this a bit.

I like what the new and upcoming fashion designer Maheen Taseer said during one of her recent interviews, “All designers have their strengths, and there is a place for everyone.” I totally agree that fashion is an art, and there is a place for everyone to experiment and grow.

However, the word “experiment” does not mean you can hijack another designers work (local or foreign) in broad daylight and pass it out as your own. The word “inspiration” does not mean you can bastardize another designer’s work and claim originality. No ma’am.

Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana Its Copy Paste

Last but not the least, for some odd reason every Tom, Dick and Harry of our Pakistani designers seems to be madly in love with using French terms (even if they can’t even pronounce it correctly or know the true meaning of the term).

Can somebody tell me why, or better yet tell Tabassum Mughal that yes, we know you want to impress the masses by including “Haute Couture” (or as some call it (hottie cottiree lol) to your name, but lady, my darling, haute couture is a LEGALY PROTECTED term in France for God’s sake!

Tabassum Mughal vs Dolce Gabbana Its Copy Paste5

You cannot use the term unless you are an official and certified member of the chambre syndicale de la haute couture in Paris. I understand Pakistan may sab chalta hay and I am not saying what you produce is any less, but why even bother calling yourself a doctor if you are an engineer?

We have enough talent, culture, traditions, and refinement in our own society and there is no need for us to borrow fancy foreign words to sell our products. Hey, I am not saying copy karna mana hay but ladies and gentleman of the fashion industry: at least don’t PRETEND you are a fashion designer. Call yourselves a good tailor or a trace maker!

Are some Pakistani designers crossing the line? Are they compensating for a lack of originality by appropriating other people’s designs? Well, some Pakistani designers may be “inspired” by other designers, but this isn’t a Pakistani problem.

It happens all over the world and blogs like Aamiriat have made it easier for such cases to come to light. For example, the Tumblr blog called “Balenciaga did it first” is devoted to highlighting instances where other designers do looks that Balenciaga has previously done.

According to a special post by copycat-spotting blogger Aamir Bukhari, Elan is called to book for using a painting of Mount Fuji that is ascribed to both Joel Edwards and “Trinifellah”. Batur’s Givenchy-inspired outfit is more along the lines of Karma’s outfit — too close of a copy for comfort.

Xeeshan uses an umbrella in the same way as Reema Acra while Mughal’s crowns are just like the ones used by Dolce & Gabbana while Aamna Aqeel seems to have been similarly inspired by Balmain for some shorts in her SS2013 collection. Credit: Fashion Vigilante

Tabassum Mughal Beaten Up Women Scandal

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